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Our SEO Strategy & Approach


S.E.O can be divided into two parts: Steps and assignments only be done once and then Steps and tasks that can be repeated. Before any work can be done, research into the competitiveness of the related industry has to be done to ascertain competing websites and develop a strategy to outrank their webpages for better positions. Therefore, the correct process of S.E.O. is set in three phases:

  • Research the market & designer strategy, creating a priority list of tools and tasks are best for the website and how to improve its ranking,
  • Implement a list of tools and tasks such as adjusting keywords, reformating the website, adding mobile compatibility, etc..
  • Maintain the site with the assigned tasks that need to be repeated to ensure that the website ranking improves.

We provide an updated certificate regularly to our clients, This is an independent certificate developed by Website Design Africa and is a guideline of the most up to date and generally accepted tricks and tools of the trade to increase website ranking. The tools we use per website are typically decided based on the results of the research being done, and the frequency of the repeated tasks are normally determined on the competitiveness of the industry the website is trading in. Search engines rank every page. As each new web page is added to the internet, its purpose is assessed and ranked by search engines. If a web page or website is launched competing for similar search phrases to own site purpose, its website SEO strategy and frequency of work to be done need to make provision for the new competitor.

S.E.O. It is, therefore, not a once-off product or step in building a website. It is recommended that competitiveness research is done at least once a year, and the strategy amended.”

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